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Reversed Polarity explained

A Thermal Imager can be selected (fig 1) to either ?black hot? or ?white hot'. Camera Palette (also known as Polarity) is set by default to White Hot, alternatively the Black Hot palette displays warmer objects as black or dark rather than white or light shades (Fig 2a & 2b ).

MJ Services have the ability to manufacture both polarity in unpowered thermal targets; white hot or black hot modes(Fig 3a,b, 4a,b below show the visual and thermal differences).

The light brown ThermBright material shows ?cold? to a thermal imager. Anything covering the material will appear hot, but only relative to the ThermBright. The material is most effective with ?white hot? selected. This will present a clear black image to the imager.

Though we offer both polarities, ?cold? targets work best and are visible at significantly greater ranges than ?hot?.

Image explanations

Fig1. Thermal Weapon Sight

Fig2a. Black hot image

Fig2b. White hot image

Fig3a. A Man Shape target representing white hot.

Fig3b. Thermal view of Fig3a.

Fig4a. A Man Shape target representing black hot.

Fig4b. Thermal view of Fig4a.

Thermal Wepon Sight
Black Hot Images
White Hot Image


Reverse Polarity


Reverse Polarity Thermal View


Man Shape


Man shape Thermal View


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ThermBright Thermal Targets are easy to repair.

From 20mm patches for small arms (5.56 up to .50) and 175mm patches for 120mm challenger rounds, the ability to repair these targets make them a great cost saving alternative to conventional heated targets.