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ThermBright Thermal Targets vs Conventional Thermal Targets

Heated (powered) targets can be good and effective but have obvious disadvantages. They need power, either cables or batteries. Apart from cost, the problems of powering are obvious. Unless power is fed to the target lifter, batteries need to be fitted and switched on before shooting. This is difficult logistically with multiple lanes and targets out to several hundred metres. The batteries can fail at any time of course and it was also found by the UK Infantry Trials & Development Unit that the electrically heated targets failed after an average of 200 hits. ThermBright lasted over 2000 hit before being patched up and used again. They also tend to produce a thermal ?Blob? unlike ThermBright which incorporates shape and thermal identification features.

The image opposite clearly identifies the clear advantages when comparing ThermBright Unpowered Thermal Targets against conventional heated targets. ThermBright's unique composition enables character and features, thus enabling recognition, grouping and zeroing, and battle drill practices. The central target depicted here shows a conventional featureless heated target.
ThermBright Thermal Targets VS Conventional Thermal Targets

ThermBright Thermal Targets at a glance


ThermBright Yes
Stand-Alone. No power/batteries or cables required. Can be used anywhere without logistical support

Thermal Properties

ThermBright Yes
ThermBright Thermal Targets can be seen by all in-service sights including image intensifiers

Day / Night Use

ThermBright Yes

Adverse Weather Conditions

ThermBright Yes
Proven in all UK weather conditions as well as Iraq, Afghanistan and Norway. Works in full cloud cover.

Zub Zero Temperatures

ThermBright Yes
Recent tests in the UK showed ThermBright working perfectly at -6 Deg C at 3am!


ThermBright Yes
Can easily be patched up and repaired in the field

Long Life

ThermBright Yes
Observed Over 2000 hits before significant degradation (ITDU), compared to 200 hits on conventional thermal targets

Recognisable Features

ThermBright Yes
ThermBright incorporates shape and thermal identification features

Cost Effective

ThermBright Yes
Due to lower capital cost and better durability, ThermBright Targets represent significantly better value for money than conventional heated targets

Flexible Production

ThermBright Yes
ThermBright Targets can be manufactured to meet varying requirements including, size, backing material and image .ThermBright products can be manufactured to meet a number of other applications

ThermBright Thermal Targets need a view of the sky, though can be used in CQBA buildings with the windows removed

See ThermBright Thermal Targets in action here


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Being totally passive (unpowered), ThermBright sets new standards of Thermal Targetry and identification.

Simply erect the target with a view of the sky and slant backwards 10?. ThermBright works night and day and with full cloud cover.